Where Education Becomes an Adventurous Journey

Who We Are:

EduVenturous is an innovative online academy offering coding and programming classes for children aged 5 to 18, fostering a dynamic learning environment that emphasizes both digital skills and soft skills essential for success in the modern world.

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Class Overview

Delivery Mode

online and synchronous


Scratch, Micro:bit, App Inventor, Arduino, Python, HTML, CSS, …

Class Size



5 to 18

Eduventurous Academy offers an engaging educational experience with a strong emphasis on game-based learning. Tailored for children aged 5 to 18, our personalized 1-on-1 classes provide individual attention and progress tracking. Conducted online and synchronously, our dynamic sessions create a real-time interactive environment. The curriculum spans various coding languages and platforms, including Scratch, Micro:bit, App Inventor, Arduino, Python, HTML, and CSS. By incorporating game-based learning, we aim to make education not only enriching but also an exciting adventure for young minds. Join us in unlocking the potential of coding through the joy of games!

Our Uniqueness

From creating interactive stories to building games, our classes not only enhance technical skills but also foster creativity and problem-solving. Join us on a coding expedition where every session unfolds as a thrilling chapter in the world of technology!

Advanced Digital Literacy

Empower your child with current and valuable digital skills

Personalized Focus

Tailor your child’s coding path for optimal learning

Ongoing Assistance

Support your child’s journey with our continuous guidance

STEAM-focused curriculum

Prepared for creative, future-ready learners

Playful Coding Experience

Experience coding with joy and playfulness

Parent Engagement

Observe your child’s development through active participation

What Sets Us Apart

Holistic Learning: Our programs go beyond coding, emphasizing the importance of both digital skills and essential soft skills. We prepare students for a well-rounded and sustainable future.

Group Sessions: Collaborative learning is at the heart of EduVenturous Academy. Periodic group sessions encourage teamwork, effective communication, and the confidence to share ideas.

STEAM Focus: While currently offering coding and programming, we are committed to expanding into STEAM-focused programs, providing a comprehensive education that nurtures creativity and innovation.

Build & Captain Your Own Ship

Explore the essence of Eduventurous Academy’s coding classes through a captivating video, providing a sneak peek into the interactive and innovative learning experiences our students enjoy. Uncover the world of coding in action, where young minds unfold the possibilities of technology with hands-on projects and personalized guidance

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